Good for the Office. Good for the Planet.

At Sandia Office Supply, we are proud to offer a vast selection of office furniture and products that are safe for the office—and safe for the environment. Each product in our Green Catalog adheres to specific environmental standards that take into consideration the following:

  • indoor air quality
  • reduced exposure to chemicals
  • environmental sustainability and stewardship

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Additional Green Services

In addition to the affordable office supply products in our green catalog, we also offer the following services to businesses in the greater Albuquerque area:

  • Domestically-Sourced Copy Paper
  • Ink/Toner Waste Minimization
  • Hardware Recycling Program
  • Product “Swap Meets”
  • Green Product Shows
  • Shred-a-Thons

Please contact us for more information about these services.

A Leader in Green Office Solutions

Sandia Office Supplyis a recipient of the Los Alamos National Labs Pollution Prevention Award and has been recognized by the University of New Mexico through its 4P Procurement Award for our commitment to the environment and people.

Some of the measures we take to reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Recycling or reusing packing materials when possible
  • Shredding and properly recycling paper
  • Utilizing an electronic filing system to reduce paper waste
  • Consolidating orders to reduce packaging
  • Maintaining a modern, fuel-efficient delivery fleet
  • Optimizing our delivery routes to maximize efficiency
  • Utilizing electronic invoicing

We are proud to be a company that helps you do your job better—and greener!

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